When it comes to preventing identity theft and fraud, there is rarely such thing as being too careful. To say the least, identity theft can cause a lot of problems in both your personal and private life. It is a violating and offensive act that can cause potentially irreparable damage. As such, the more resources you can have against identity theft the better. In today’s blog, we’ll be taking a look at the top identity theft prevention services for 2022! If that sounds interesting, keep reading below for more information!

Why Identity Theft Protection Services are Helpful

When making a strategy against fraud, the best offense is a good defense. In the case of identity theft, fraudsters often use devious or clandestine tactics to get their way, but with sufficient defense, you can keep problems at bay. Many of the tricks used by scammers can easily dupe humans, so having technology on your side is always a plus. 

Service #1 – Identity Guard

Benefits of Identity Guard:

  • An effective use of artificial intelligence (AI) to stop threats
  • Has a mobile app for on-the-go monitoring
  • Has a Risk Management Score to gauge your risk for identity theft

As mentioned, having technology to reinforce your anti-theft strategy is always a great idea. That’s where identity guard shines! 

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Service #2 – LifeLock

Benefits of LifeLock:

  • LIVE 24/7 customer support
  • SSN alerts and notifications
  • Protection in case of stolen or lost wallet

One of the most popular anti-identity theft tools out there, LifeLock excels in customer service with their 24/7 live support, meaning that help is always within an arms reach.

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Service #3 – Identity IQ

Benefits of Identity IQ:

  • Keeps a close eye on credit history 
  • Assistance with lost or stolen wallet
  • Surveys utilities, cell phones and credit applications

If you want to keep your credit information as tight and secure as possible, then Identity IQ is perfect for you! This tool does the most to keep your credit information safe and secure.

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