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Freight Checkers makes monitoring and rating freight brokers for motor carriers easy. Freight Checkers is the first rating and monitoring service to cover not only freight brokers but shippers, receivers, diesel mechanic shops and truck stops as well! Freight Checkers should help carriers make much more informed decisions about who they do business with and should hold those business partners to a level of accountability they have not had before.  Additionally, with over 500,000 shippers and receivers organized by city and state carriers will have easy access to the big direct customer they aspire to support and reap benefits.

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Search companies within the freight industry by location or by community rating.

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Leave detailed reports on any company describing what it’s like to work with them.

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Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

By providing good reviews to your business partner brokers and direct shippers you are helping them obtain better carriers to assist them with their business. Going the extra mile to help your customers will help strengthen the relationship between you and that customer. There is nothing better to a business owner than knowing the individuals they are doing business with appreciate them and the way they conduct themselves in business.

Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Unlike many other rating and monitoring sites in the transportation industry, Freight Checkers will allow its users to provide good reviews for the companies they have good experiences doing business. Like most, Freight Checkers wants the best companies to thrive and grow. This is why we encourage our users to post a review on every company they come in contact with both good and bad. To support this, each of our users will also be rated.  Our users ratings will be based off of the average of the ratings they provide.  If our users only provide bad ratings then they too will have a low rating. Again, the intent of Freight Checkers is provide our users with the most useful data. Though negative ratings are good to know our users have to conduct business so the good reviews are also very important.  Lastly, unlike other websites where carriers can leave reviews, Freight Checkers was built for and is only for MOTOR CARRIERS.  Freight Brokers are not allowed!  This is just one aspect of Freight Checkers that separates it from the standard currently available in the transportation industry.

Freight Checkers is already in the process to broaden our services to the trucking industry. Sign up today while our entry level subscription cost is only $50.00 a month!

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