Features & Overview

Serving Carriers in the United States & Canada With Our Ratings Platform

Freight Checkers is a platform for freight carriers to assemble and have their voices be heard. We provide carriers with the opportunity to leave helpful reviews, ratings, and other relevant information about freight brokers, receivers, shippers, diesel mechanic shops, truck stops, and more! Our platform is home to over 500,000 shippers and receivers that are all conveniently organized for carriers to find! Freight Checkers is helpful, easy to use, and provides information that is incredibly important for carriers to know about. Our database covers both the American and Canadian trucking industries. To get started using our freight broker rating platform, simply sign up for any of our plans below or give our team a call at (662) 932-3775 with any questions or for more information. We hope to connect with you soon! 

Utilize Our Instantly Accessible Features In the Office or On the Go

Instant Accessibility to a database of over 500,000 shippers and Brokers in the US/Canada: Search companies within the freight industry by location or by community rating.

A wealth of knowledge at your fingertips: Leave detailed reports on any company describing what it’s like to work with them.

Provide Valuable insight for other carriers: Leave simple star ratings on a company to say what a great job they did or to warn other members.

Overview of Services

• Freight Checkers has over 500,000 companies all over the U.S. and Canada in its database available for carriers to rate and monitor. 

• Our database is updated each month with the new brokers and freight forwarders directly from the FMCSA. 

• Freight Checkers will make vetting the companies you are thinking about doing business with quick and easy. 

• Freight Checkers has four databases our users can search from with each company in the databases having their own profile page that carriers can visit to rate the company and to view other users experiences with that company.

• Users will be able to monitor each of the companies which they do business.  Users will be provided alerts via email and through their own profile when a company it’s monitoring has a new review.

• If a user would like to add a company that is not in our database already, they will be able to request a company to be added and will be notified once that companies’ profile becomes active.

• Users will have access to the Freight Checker Broker Alert Page.  This Broker Alert page will provide users with a list of brokers who have reports of nonpayment and identity theft throughout the Freight Checkers site as well as the transportation industry as a whole.

Our Rating Platform Restores Accountability in the Trucking Industry

Freight Checkers was created with the intention of bringing balance back to the transportation industry. For too long, freight brokers, shippers, and receivers have been able to take advantage of carriers due to the lack of transparency and a platform for carriers to be able to communicate with each other. Learn more about our platform and how we aim to achieve these goals. Sign up for any of our plans below or give us a call at (662) 932-3775 to speak with a member of the Freight Checkers team! We look forward to speaking with you and to telling you more about our platform and services.

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