Did you know that an average of $730 billion is spent on the internet each year? What is perhaps even more shocking is that this number is destined to rise as time goes on. Indeed, as the internet has risen to prominence in our everyday lives, it has also become an epicenter of commerce. Whether it’s online shopping platforms or business-to-business transactions, with every passing minute there is surely money being spent on the internet.

However, where there is commerce, there is sensitive payment information. It’s smart to remain vigilant online with your payment information, especially to avoid the likes of theft and fraud, which can be both obnoxious and difficult to deal with. For some helpful tips and pointers, read below!

Use the Same Judgement You Would in Real-Life

No, this tip is far from rocket science, and a bit cliche, but sometimes using your best judgment and/or common sense can go a long way, and this certainly applies to the internet. For instance, if you see something that appears too good to be true, it’s best to go with your gut feeling and avoid it as you would in real life.

Conduct Background Checks

Another tip is to use the internet to conduct background checks on any merchants or companies you are skeptical of in any way. Information about other customers’ experiences is usually widely accessible and can be influential when the time comes to make decisions for yourself. If you notice an abundance of positive customer experiences, then it’s likely that you can trust the other party, and then vice-versa.

Try Using Private Wifi

Though this tip is not as consequential as the ones previously mentioned, using a private wifi connection is a smart step in preventing cybercriminals from gaining access to your payment information. Though it’s a relatively rare occurrence, public wifi systems can house the likes of intruders and scammers looking to seize payment information. If you can, try to refrain from using public wifi, especially when performing acts that require payment information, like shopping.

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