Freight Broker Rating & Monitoring Service in the United States

Freight Checkers offers a comprehensive yet easy-to-use platform for freight carriers to leave ratings, reviews, and other helpful information about freight brokers, shippers, receivers, truck stops, diesel mechanic shops, and more. Our platform was designed to help carriers stay aware and educated about who they decide to do business with, saving precious time, money, and energy. Call us at 662-932-3775 to learn more about our features or sign up for any of our plans today!

Services Offered by Freight Checkers:

Company Info

Search companies within the freight industry by location or by community rating.

Report Companies

Leave detailed reports on any company describing what it’s like to work with them.

Create Ratings

Leave simple star ratings on a company to say what a great job they did or to warn other members.

How Our Rating & Monitoring Service Helps Carriers

If you’re a freight carrier, Freight Checkers is an incredibly helpful asset to have. Our rating and monitoring platform helps by providing you with relevant and useful information about brokers, shippers, and more. With our information database, you can make confident decisions about who you work with. Join us in the quest to restore accountability in the trucking industry. Call 662-932-3775 to get in touch with us or simply sign up for any of our plans on our website!

Blue=colored truck in motion on a highway
Blue=colored truck in motion on a highway

How Our Rating & Monitoring Service Helps Shippers & Receivers

Freight Checkers not only helps freight carriers, but shippers and receivers as well, as both positive and negative reviews can incite growth among all parties involved. Good reviews can help build strong and fruitful relationships among carriers and shippers/receivers, while bad reviews can help improve the loading and unloading process. Interested in getting started? Just call 662-932-3775 for more information or simply sign up for any of our plans here on our site.

Stay One Step Ahead and Sign Up For Freight Checkers Today!

Freight Checkers benefits freight carriers by providing insightful reviews, ratings, and information about brokers, shippers, receivers, truck stops, and even diesel mechanic shops across the United States and Canada. There are so many advantages to using our platform – enjoy them for yourself by signing up for any of our plans today. For more information, give us a call at 662-932-3775 to speak with a member of our team!

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Why Freight Checkers?

Freight Checkers was conceived to promote transparency and effective communication between freight carriers, shippers, and receivers. Our platform provides carriers with the opportunity to rate, review, and let their voice be heard. It’s our belief that accountability and transparency are essential virtues here in the trucking industry, and our platform strives to reflect this. Ready to get started? Simply sign up for any of our plans today on our website. Or, for more information, call 662-932-3775 to speak with our staff!

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