Freight Broker Rating & Monitoring Service in Canada

Freight Checkers is the trucking industry’s most comprehensive rating and monitoring platform, allowing freight carriers to rate everything from freight brokers and shippers to receivers and even truck stops. When users leave relevant and useful information, it can help others make educated decisions about who they do business with, saving precious time and energy. Interested in learning more about Freight Checkers? Call us at 662-932-3775 to learn more about how we can help you or sign up for a plan today through our website. 

What Our Platform Offers in Canada

Company Info

Search companies within the freight industry by location or by community rating.

Report Companies

Leave detailed reports on any company describing what it’s like to work with them.

Create Ratings

Leave simple star ratings on a company to say what a great job they did or to warn other members.

Rating & Monitoring Platform for Carriers in Canada

If you’re a freight carrier, simply put, Freight Checkers is a no-brainer. Our platform features over 500,000 shippers and receivers that carriers can conveniently browse through, allowing carriers to leave insightful reviews, ratings, and other information that can either inform or warn others about who they are doing business with. No other platform makes it easier for carriers to rate not just shippers and receivers, but even mechanic shops and truck stops! Our rating platform is a tremendous asset in helping freight carriers along in their journeys, as we help them make confident decisions about who they do business with.

Blue=colored truck in motion on a highway
Blue=colored truck in motion on a highway

Rating & Monitoring Service for Shippers & Receivers in Canada

One of our core goals is to restore accountability in the trucking industry, and with each rating left by our users, we are one step closer to achieving it. If you’re a shipper or receiver in Canada, Freight Checkers’ rating system can provide valuable insightful that helps you identify what is working well in your facilities, in addition to what might need improvement. Both positive and negative reviews can help make further transactions go as smooth as possible and create fruitful business relationships for years to come. 

Our Rating Platform Features

If there’s one thing that’s true about our industry, it’s that the power of word-of-mouth can go a long way. If you prioritize transparency, fairness, and efficiency in your work, chances are, you will be able to form beneficial business relationships. Our rating platform aims to help take your relationships to new heights. This is why we believe that Freight Checkers isn’t just a rating platform, but an important tool that anyone in the trucking industry can take advantage of to help themselves grow. 

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Freight Checkers is the most complete rating and monitoring platform for the trucking industry, allowing you to leave reviews and ratings for shippers, receivers, and even truck stops. Ready to learn more about our platform? Simply give us a call 662-932-3775 or sign up for a plan here on our website!

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