Rating and Monitoring Benefits for Shippers & Receivers

Ratings and reviews from motor carriers can help shippers and receivers in a variety of ways. 

Good Ratings Can:

Help shippers and receivers know what and who is working well at their facilities.  Every shipper knows the quality of carriers who haul their freight directly correlates with their on time rates, amount of damage claims and of accidents involving fatalities.  Quality carriers have their pick when it comes to whose freight they haul.  Being a highly rated shipper or receiver will help a shipper or receiver attract the best carriers to haul their freight.  This luxury will pay dividends for years to come.

Help shippers and receivers properly vet the freight brokers they are currently working with or thinking of working with.  The best rated brokers should directly correlate into better quality carriers in turn lowering late deliveries, damage claims and accidents involving fatalities on their shipments.

Help shippers and receivers close the communication gap between them and the carriers who are hauling their freight.  Knowing how carriers are being treated by the freight brokers representing a shipper or receiver will create the transparency needed to ensure all parties are accountable for their actions.

Bad Ratings Can:

Help shippers and receivers know what is going wrong at their facilities.  Bad ratings provide shippers and receivers an opportunity to put in place corrective measures to help optimize the loading and unloading process at their facilities.  Additionally, bad ratings provides shippers and receivers an opportunity to hold their employees accountable for their actions.  Being a low rated shipper or receiver is only going to cost that company more money in the long run.  Knowing where to make changes and where to allocate resources will only help increase productivity and the quality of carriers willing to haul a shipper or receivers freight.

Help shippers and receivers know who a freight broker really is.  This is probably the biggest benefit Freight Checkers provides to shippers and receivers.  Freight Checkers is the only platform dedicated to providing carriers a place to rate and report their experiences with freight brokers.  Obviously, freight brokers speak highly of themselves and their abilities during sales calls.  However, knowing how they treat their business partner carriers is paramount for shippers and receivers to make informed decisions when it comes to which freight broker to hire.  Whether it’s paying carriers on time, not paying carriers detention or not being forthright and honest during the claim process, not all brokers are the same.  The actions of a freight broker should speak much louder than the words in their sales calls. 

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