About Us

Freight Checkers was created with the intention of bringing balance back to the transportation industry. For too long, freight brokers, shippers and receivers have been able to take advantage of carriers due to the lack transparency and a platform for carriers to be able to communicate with each other. With so many carriers and a fraction of that number of freight brokers, it’s imperative for carriers to have a meeting ground where everyone has a voice.  Freight Checkers main goal to allow carriers to make informed decisions regarding their business partners prior to doing business with them.

Freight Checkers believes transparency is the best way to hold everyone in our industry accountable for their actions both in the past and in the future. Considering there are multiple sites that hold carriers accountable we believe it’s time for motor carriers to have a site to hold their business partners accountable as well.  In the end knowing who you are doing business with on the front end is of the utmost importance especially in today’s environment of fly by night brokers and identity theft scams.

Freight Checkers intention is to help every carrier on the road today and in the future.  Having a platform for all carriers to communicate with each other is the first step in providing real transparency the trucking industry needs and deserves!