Day in and day out, the trucking industry helps to keep America moving and is home to diligent and honorable men and women that carry out their individual duties to the best of their abilities. While trucking is an incredible industry full of great and honest people, unfortunately, that is not to say that it is immune to scams and other dishonest practices. When it comes to staying protected against fraud, regardless of whether you’re in the trucking industry or not, we would argue that the best offense is a good defense. Part of this is understanding what the common scams are in the trucking industry, which is the focus of today’s blog post. Keep on reading for more!

Identity Theft

Identity theft reigns supreme as perhaps the most common type of scam that can be found in the trucking industry – let alone many other industries. The concept of identity theft is quite simple, yet it can have consequences that are nothing short of disastrous. Identity theft is when a scammer poses as a legitimate party, extorting anything from contact information to payment information for them to take advantage of. From there, the scammer can make all kinds of fraudulent actions with your credentials. Stay aware of identity theft and ensure that each party that you work with is legitimate. 

Freight Broker Fraud

In many cases, freight brokers can intentionally provide information that is dishonest, inaccurate, or just downright wrong, and this can be best described as freight broker fraud. This is something that nobody in the trucking industry should want to be victimized by, as it wastes precious time, energy, and resources, and who wants any of these things? Freight broker fraud can also include compensating carriers incorrectly, which is something to be especially aware of. Consider signing up for our rating & monitoring platform that allows you to rate your experiences with brokers.


As the name would suggest, non-payment occurs when a party purposefully avoids paying another party, which we see all too often here in the trucking industry. This is an incredibly harmful and simple practice that targets independent truckers and trucking companies alike.

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