Though it may go without saying, here in the trucking industry, decisions of all kinds are being made every single day. In fact, decisions are what help move our industry forward, whether it’s decisions being made within trucking companies, or, in the case of today’s blog, freight carriers deciding what freight brokers to work with. The latter is an incredibly important decision for carriers, as choosing the wrong broker can cause a slew of problems and complications that waste precious time, energy, and resources. In today’s blog, we’ll be taking a look at the three most important factors that freight carriers must consider before working with a freight broker. If that sounds interesting, keep reading below! Or, to join the trucking industry’s most comprehensive rating platform – sign up for Freight Checkers today or give us a call at 662-932-3775.

Evaluate Their Network

A wise man once said that your network is your net worth. Especially in today’s hyper-connected world, one’s network can reflect heavily upon who they are and their reputation, and when it comes to choosing the right freight broker, this certainly rings true. As such, carriers should want to see if brokers have a solid network that they consistently provide freight, as it can go a long way in choosing the right one to work with.

Always Consider Their Reputation

In business and especially in the trucking industry, your reputation is one of the most important things, as it can have a great influence on success. Chances are, if a broker has a very poor reputation, a carrier may be jeopardizing your own success by choosing to work with them. Before you make your decision as a carrier, we highly suggest that you conduct the necessary background research about a broker, including their reviews, ratings, testimonials, or anything else that helps to tell you about their reputation. In most cases, reviews and similar pieces of information will help to warn you, or confirm that a broker is safe to work with. You can also sign up for our rating and monitoring service here at Freight Checkers to see reviews, ratings, and more for freight brokers in the U.S. and Canada!

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