When you’re in need of a productive and professional agency to expedite the transportation debt collection process, look no further than our partners at Alexander, Winton, & Associates. With proven and continued results for its clients, AWA has risen to become one of the leading names in transportation collections for customers in both the U.S. and Canada. In addition to their transportation collections services, there are a number of benefits and perks that you can enjoy when you work with AWA – which we’ll be discussing further in today’s blog. Interested in learning more about our partner? Keep reading below or visit their website here!

Here to Serve the Trucking & Transportation Industry

It’s not just us at Freight Checkers who are dedicated to keeping our customers alert and informed. AWA not only does this as well, but excels at doing so, with numerous resources that keep you up-to-date with unscrupulous activity taking place in our industry. AWA offers its very own ‘Broker Alert’, a weekly notification that is sent directly to your email, in addition to being posted on its various social media platforms. Broker Alerts are a great resource for anyone looking to stay in the know against the fraudulent activity that takes place all too often in our industry. Learn more or sign up by visiting AWA’s website today!

AWA’s Other Helpful Resources

In addition to their Broker Alerts, AWA offers other resources to help you, like its Identity Theft Tool. This cutting-edge tool provides users with the most updated contact information provided to the FMCSA by a broker or carrier, helping to protect them from potential scammers and fraudsters. Give it a try by visiting their website here! There are many ways that Alexander, WInton, & Associates can help you and your company!

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