Here at Freight Checkers, we are proud to offer the trucking industry’s most comprehensive rating and monitoring platform. Our ratings system covers freight brokers, shippers, truck stops, mechanic shops, and more, helping carriers to make educated decisions about who they do their business with. However, it’s not just carriers that can benefit from our platform – in fact – there are a number of benefits that are reserved exclusively for shippers and receivers. This is the focus of today’s blog, as we’ll explore how Freight Checkers can help you if you’re a shipper or receiver! For more information, keep reading below, or to learn more about our platform, just give us a call at 662-932-3775 or submit a contact form.

How our Platform can Help Shippers & Receivers

There is a multitude of ways that our platform can help shippers and receivers, especially when it comes to positive reviews and feedback submitted by carriers. When a carrier leaves a positive rating and/or review, this can provide shippers and receivers with insight as to who or what is working well at their facilities. With more positive ratings and reviews comes more trust and credibility among carriers, which can help generate further business and establish strong relationships. In addition to this, our platform helps to close the communication gap between carriers and shippers/brokers, which is vital to uphold transparency and accountability among all parties involved. 

Even Bad Ratings can Help Shippers & Receivers

Bad ratings and reviews can provide shippers and receivers with valuable insight as to what is going wrong at their facilities, and lead them towards making corrections with their loading and unloading process. Bad ratings can also provide shippers and receivers with a chance to hold employees accountable. Read more about the ways bad ratings can help shippers and receivers here!

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with us at Freight Checkers by calling us at 662-932-3775 or by submitting a contact form through our website! We look forward to working with you.