In addition to our comprehensive rating and monitoring platform, we at Freight Checkers strive to keep our customers well-informed about what’s going on in the trucking industry. That’s why, here on our blog, we regularly take a look at the current state of the trucking and transportation industry. Read more about our Winter 2023 update below! 

Tonnage Increases from Last Year

In what comes as positive news, data from the American Trucking Association shows that truck tonnage increased 1.5% in January 2023 as compared to January of last year. The ATA’s Chief Economist, Bob Costello attributed this growth to “capacity coming out of the network”, and more particularly, “carriers that primarily operate in the spot market, and/or bought expensive used equipment in the past couple of years”. This growth reaffirms a promising upward trend that was seen at the end of 2022, and we anticipate the growth to continue well into 2023. 

Drivers are Cautioned for Winter Storm

As of February 21, the National Weather Service has advised a travel warning for those in the Midwest and West, as a major winter storm is expected to take place over three days. The storm will bring extremely low temperatures and wintery conditions, namely snow and ice. Truckers and the general public alike are urged to exercise caution while traveling on the roads. 

Uber Freight & Electric Trucking News

Uber Freight announced its partnership with WattEV, an electric trucking brand based in California to launch their first electric, zero-emissions truck pilot. The announcement comes as a continuation of Uber Freights’ pledge to reduce carbon emissions in the trucking and transportation industry. 

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