Especially if you’re new with us here at Freight Checkers, you might have a number of questions as to what our purpose, goals, or values are. In today’s blog, we aim to answer frequently asked questions about Freight Checkers. If that sounds interesting, keep reading below for more information, or get in touch with our team today! Give us a call at
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What Does Freight Checkers Do?

Freight Checkers provides carriers in the trucking industry with a platform to rate, monitor, and review freight brokers, shippers, receivers, and more. We help educate carriers with up-to-date and relevant information that they can use to their advantage. Our platform allows carriers to report important information and leave detailed reviews for the benefit of other carriers, informing them – or warning them – about their experiences with everything from freight brokers to truck stops.

Why Did We Establish Freight Checkers?

To put it simply, we felt that the exploitation of carriers has gone on for too long in our industry. Without an ample forum or platform to discuss their experiences, carriers can continue to find themselves in deceiving or uncertain situations. With the help of transparency, which we aim to provide, carriers can make informed decisions about who they do business with. When more and more carriers use our platform, they can avoid the risks of working with deceptive brokers, shippers, etc.

What Are Freight Checkers’ Goals?

Our goal at Freight Checkers is to provide carriers with a useful and helpful space to help them make well-informed business decisions. With an informative database such as ours, carriers can access expansive reports and reviews that they can use to their benefit. With better knowledge comes better decisions – and that is what we strive for here at Freight Checkers.

Work With Freight Checkers To Stay In The Know!

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