As long as honest business has existed, there has also, unfortunately, been dishonest business to contradict it. As business has evolved and developed over time, scammers and fraudsters have adapted to the times accordingly, using all kinds of devious tricks to trap people into their schemes.

In modern times, where digital business and transactions are universal, business owners and consumers alike would be wise to keep an eye out for fraudsters, especially on the internet. In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing the most common fraud scheme to look out for on the internet, phishing, including tips on how to avoid it. If that sounds interesting, keep reading below for more information!

Introduction to Phishing

No, not the relaxing outdoor activity – but phishing – is one of the most common and oldest tricks in the scammer’s book. Hence its metaphorical name, a phisher will draw up some kind of bait – or incentive – for you to send them money or other sensitive information. Much like a fish caught on a line, victims fall for said bait and have money or sensitive information seized from them. Phishing typically manifests in email form and will ask you to send over money to a third party. An example of a phishing message follows below:

As you can see, this phisher is posing as reputable – in this case, “TrustedBank”, though phishers can pretend to be all kinds of people, places, and things. Phishing emails are composed to look genuine, which causes many to fall for the trap – or bait.

How do I Avoid Them?

In a way, the question has already been answered, as that is what you should do in response to a phishing email – just avoid it. For further security, you can delete the phishing email and even block the email address that sent it. These tips are more than enough to spare you from the diabolical tricks of phishers. The second that you catch on to the bait, power is placed in the fraudster’s hands, so it’s best to avoid it at all costs.

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