In an age where fuel prices have reached historic, problematic heights, naturally, many have tried to find a solution. While most vehicles remain reliant on fuel, and drivers will manage the circumstances accordingly, there is a growing number of electric cars on the road (thanks to the rise of Tesla) that has changed the discussion of how we power our vehicles. With little to no relief in sight for fuel prices in 2022, a strong case can be made for the fact that electricity is a more cost-efficient and economic alternative. In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing what people are saying about electrifying the trucking industry. If that sounds interesting, keep reading below for more information!

Why Electricity?

As we all know, motorized vehicles are synonymous with gasoline, as cars have relied on them since they were introduced on the market. While most cars on the road today take gasoline, a new frontier in energy has transpired – electric vehicles. Though widely considered novel and less developed than gas-powered cars, electric vehicles have made a name for themselves as a promising alternative, especially now, in the days of soaring gas prices. Another reason why electric cars are popular – they are a much more sustainable and eco-friendly option when compared to gas cars, as they don’t make for carbon emissions that rise into the atmosphere.

Electric Trucking at a Glance

While standard cars may be the most talked about when it comes to electrical vehicles, pickup trucks and semi-trucks have also been included in the conversation. In the case of semi-trucks, Tesla made plenty of noise in 2017 when it introduced the Tesla Semi, an all-electric take on the semi-truck, powered with the ability to go from 0 to 60mph in 20 seconds with a full load. Now available on the market, and for buyers to reserve, the Tesla Semi is a landmark event in the trucking industry, a major step in successfully electrifying the semi-truck.

What the Future Holds

While there’s no crystal ball in determining how electric vehicles will nestle in the trucking industry, there are certainly signs of promise. A recent Forbes article published in March reveals some appealing news for those looking to cut down on costs. Reportedly, the cost of ownership for electric freight trucks could be as high as 50% cheaper than that of diesel trucks. For those in the industry who look eagerly toward more electrification – this is surely a good sign!

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