No matter what industry you’re in, keeping track of expenses and other transactions is a smart thing to do, both to stay on top of your finances and achieve peace of mind. If you’re in the trucking industry, you especially know this to be true, as managing the likes of expenses, loads, and receivables can be a difficult and convoluted process at times. Luckily, trucking accounting software can make it easier to overlook any and all transactions if you’re a trucking business. In today’s blog, we’ll be talking more about why software can help, including some products to consider. If that sounds interesting, keep reading below for more information!

How Does it Help?

As mentioned, accounting software can be an instrumental tool in keeping track of your finances. Quicker than we think, we can easily get tied up with transactions and all sorts of financial loose-ends, and if used properly, accounting software can save you time in the long run. Whether you’re in the trucking industry or not, who doesn’t want to save time (and possibly money)?

In addition to this, most trucking accounting software offers the following, helpful features:

  • Create detailed reports for billing customers and paying drivers
  • File International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reports
  • Keep track of mileage and other information about trips
  • & Much more!

Software to Consider

If the idea of accounting software appeals to you as someone in the trucking or transportation industry, below are a few popular platforms to choose from!

Tailwind TMS: Great For Freight Brokers

At a reasonable price, Tailwind is excellent for freight brokers with its variety of features.


  • You can dispatch and track shipments
  • Great A/R and A/P management
  • GPS event tracking


  • No integrated payroll
  • Isn’t a comprehensive bookkeeping system
  • No bank reconciliation

Q7 Trucking Business Software: Great Overall System

Q7 can help you manage your fleet with any and every one of its features. Thorough and versatile, it is an excellent choice for those serious about trucking management software.


  • Integrated payroll
  • Free support and training
  • Multiplatform software – including a choice of desktop or cloud-based program


  • May be a learning curve as it is a comprehensive system
  • No upfront pricing
  • Desktop version not Mac-compatbile

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