Since industries are becoming vulnerable to various threats, scammers are becoming more active. Even in the trucking industry, companies are facing numerous challenges due to increasing scams. In this article, you will find some common trucking scams and how you can prevent these scams through transparency:

Transparency and Trucking Fraud

When you are shipping freight, you may notice various scams. This can be irritating and frustrating for business owners. Here are some common trucking frauds and how transparency can help solve these problems:

1.      Identity Theft

This is one of the major types of trucking scams. In identity theft, the scammer will contact you as a trucking company. Scammers can use identity theft in different ways. They can arrive at the pick-up location with a false identity. After, they will your freight in the truck and drive away with the goods. Many scammers also ask for fuel advances and steal your money. You can reduce the risk of identity theft by ensuring transparency in your business. Your employees should communicate with each other about every activity. By communicating, your employees can identify the scammer and prevent any mishaps.

2.      Double Brokering

Double brokering occurs between the carrier networks and is an unethical offense. It starts when you book a carrier and the broker does not know about it. The scammer will confirm your shipment and pass the information to a third-party motor carrier. This trucking fraud will leave you with liabilities and billing issues including lack of contract or insurance. Therefore, you need to do your due diligence while booking a carrier or truck service.

3.      Hook-Up-And-Go

The name of this scam explains what this scam is about. In this method, the scammer will connect their truck with your trailer and drive away. This type of scam is common at drop yards or truck stops. The scammers will divert your driver’s attention and take control of the trailer. Once they unload the goods, they will abandon the trailer. You can prevent hook-up-and-go scams by installing a tracking system on your trailer. That way you can follow the trailer and recover it back.


There are numerous types of trucking frauds that you need to be aware of. You can reduce the risk of trucking scams by ensuring transparency among your workers and clients. When you share all the relevant information with your employees, they can keep track of the scams and easily identify them. Therefore, it would be best if you focused on bringing transparency to your business and take protective measures against trucking scams.

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